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//  Origin:  Tampa, FL
//  Label:  Independent
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Angie has dreamed of being a successful entertainer since early childhood. With the full support of her family, she has had experience as a singer, songwriter, model, TV personality, vocal contestant and entertainer for more than 12 years. Only twenty-two years old, Angie has the experience of a veteran entertainer and is most at home on a stage. Through her songwriting, she has discovered her small-town country roots from her early years, growing up in small town Southern California. 

In 2018, Angie was discovered while opening shows at Tampa’s Stockyard. By early 2019, she was signed to a major Artist Development and Management deal with Nashville’s ProGo Music Group. The Angie Rey Project debuted her new songs and sound LIVE on December 6th at The Dallas Bull and 7th at the Seminole Hard Rock’s new concert venue, receiving rave reviews from Tampa area music news. 

Angie is traveling to Nashville in between shows to record her upcoming debut record, slated for a 1st quarter 2022 release.



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Tampa Bay Music News

January 20 

(Photos by Michael McBee Report by George Hudak )

The first thing one notices when Angie Rey takes the stage is her warm smile that says, “Welcome friends”. She makes a connection with the audience in such an intimate way that when she starts to sing you feel as if she was just singing to you. Her joy on stage is contagious. Even those seasoned warrior musicians that comprise her band now have smiles on their faces, a spring in their step and have unearthed a new level of enthusiasm. Angie with her tall beautiful ballerina-like frame prances on the stage, plays guitar and belts out some incredible originals with her magnificent voice that sound like they are radio bound.

Since Angie is a Tampa native I asked her if she had a chance to check out some of the other local talent, she replied,“ I would love to but I’m not 21 yet and I can’t get into bars”. Well that threw me for a loop, I’m thinking how can someone so young be such a seasoned pro possessing such a high level of stagecraft. She mentioned to me she had participated in the Grammy Project at Ruth Eckerd Hall with Ella Jet of Ella Jet & Future Soul, another young talent making her mark on the Tampa music scene.

In speaking to Rick Morgan, Tampa Bay’s legendary guitarist (Secret Service, Soul Circus Cowboys, The Regulars) and a seasoned Nashville songwriter himself about his newfound enthusiasm with this project. Rick said, “We’re very proud of Angie for all her hard work and tireless drive. Our challenge is to just keep up with her!.. We are very excited to be part of this awesome family/team being assembled by Jase Williams & Pro Go Music Group to help get Angie get where she’s determined to be and, that is of a successful worldwide entertainer.” Rick added “ She is so undeterred that even when someone says no to her, she says, ok thank you I’ll come back again tomorrow.” This reporter’s prediction is this young lady has a level of talent, determination and drive that will set her star bound. Keep an eye an Angie Rey.

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Label: Independent 

Management:  ProGo Music Group Nashville |

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